Sunday February 26, 2012

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Moving the Mountain to the Man

Lamson suggests enlarging Chilliwack Lake Prov Park

Submitted by David Lamson, FVRD Dir. Area E


David Lamson Fraser Valley Regional District Area E Director works at the Deer Creek re-watering station redirected down a dry channel to facilitate salmon spawning.


o the best of my knowledge the largest and oldest stand of timber in the Chilliwack River Valley is in the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. This provincial park was enlarged a few years back to make 9,258 ha.of land which includes Post Creek, Lindeman Lake and Greendrop Lake, and south of Chilliwack Lake to include Hanging Lake and to the US border.


In this park, along the Upper Chilliwack River are the most amazing untouched giant Western Red Cedars, Douglas Firs, Grand Firs and rare Yew trees I have ever seen. The largest Grand Fir known in the world is in that stand; fourteen people with arms out stretched couldn't reach around it. It makes up part of what is truly a cathedral.


David Lamson (L) and Frank Kwak along with members of the Fraser River Salmon Society working on the Nutrient Enrichment Program.


The huge old Grand Fir was pointed out to me by Bruce Usher, who was a fisheries technician for MOE, now retired, about 10 years ago.


A few years back we worked hard to get the park enlarged to include the area it has now. To become a park meant a lot of timber would not be harvested.

Perhaps it's time for the park to be enlarged again, but that takes collaboration?


The Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park has a good trail, and it makes a great hike in the summer, too much snow right now though. I'm sure glad we have this park in the Chilliwack River Valley to preserve old growth forest forever.


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