Sunday February 5, 2012


The Written Rafe

"The Home Stretch" explores NDE's and matters of the soul

Submitted by Rafe Mair, Vancouver


'm pleased to tell you that my latest book, now can be found at Amazon here and you can, of course, just download it into your computer (Kindle version).  It costs a measly $9.99.


The Home Stretch morphed out of the research I did for my TV Show called The Search which came out the idea that when, as children, we first learn about death we start searching for the best way out.


The book is about religion but is not a religious book. It does not preach nor try to convert. I simply look at various religions from the point of view of a lapsed Anglican and I also spend time on such things as the Soul and Near Death Experiences. I also deal with that scariest of books in the Bible, Revelation.


 The book is not intended to convert you to anything but simply say what one person has discovered on his own journey through life.


I believe you will find it an easy and enjoyable read.


In view of the fact that mainstream media is unlikely to be interested, if you cared to pass this on I would be very grateful.


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