Saturday February 18, 2012

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Strahl Reneges on Commitment

Tory motivation unclear on veteran issues

Submitted by Claude LaTulippe, Chwk


ednesday 15 Feb 2012, Mark Strahl voted against Private Member Bill C-215, a bill to amend Canadian Forces (CF) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)  Superannuation Act.

The NAYS were 157 (all conservative) versus 132 YEAS for the remainder of the MPs in the House.

Had this bill been carried, it would have been sent to a Parliamentary/Standing Committee to study issues affecting the pension claw back for veterans, solving the matter based on information given and provided by experts on the pension claw back once and for all. Why is it that nearly half of our representatives understand how seriously this issue affects veterans and the other half block-voted against fixing a wrong and unfair policy that was enacted in 1966? 

Obviously to Mr. Strahl, the party line was/is more important, veterans be damned.  It is an issue that should have, at the very least, been allowed to go to the next parliamentary step. I fail to understand the motivation of the conservatives.

 During his electoral campaign and at the Veterans Rally in November 2011, Mr. Strahl stated that he was committed to supporting the veterans in his riding. I personally briefed him on the claw back issues and its impact on veterans and their families, veterans who are homeless and relying on food banks.   What is going on? These are the very people who have and are putting their lives on the line to ensure that we Canadians continue to live as a free society and yet……..they are being ignored. Was Mr. Strahl even listening? His actions say otherwise.

 What a shame! Thank you Mr. Strahl.


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