Sunday February 26, 2012

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Full-On Sound Journey with Healing Inspirational Songs March 2

Submitted by J Newport, Amethyst Bookstore


heda Phoenix will create a Sound Journey Meditation experience using her Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Rattles, Ocean Drum, Rainstick, Harp and Intuitive Ethereal Vocals.


The blend creates a soundscape to Journey Within.  The mind relaxes with the vibrational frequencies and the healing power of sound, clears out tension and guides the brain into states of graceful ease, joy and bliss, connecting us with the deep and beautiful space within.


With her beautiful voice, guitar and conscious lyrics, Theda Phoenix will make you smile, laugh and cry.  Inspiring and educational, Theda's songs come from the heart, guaranteed to make you more conscious about the world we live in and what matters most; our human connection and living each moment of life on this precious Earth as the miraculous gift it is.


Theda Phoenix is an Intuitive Singer and a Songwriter with a passion for spiritual growth and healing. She uses her voice and spontaneous intuitive songs as a medium to inspire and remind people of their divinity and infinite potential.  Theda knows that music expressed from the heart has the power to open the hearts of others, deepening the connection to self, spiritual essence and our innate ability to live a life of joy, love, freedom, and fulfillment.


Chair seating provided.  If you wish to relax on the floor, please bring your own cushions, mats. blankets.


The concert takes place March 2, 7 pm to 9:30 pm at the Chilliwack Arts Centre, 45899 Henderson Ave.


Tickets $22/advance - $27/door and are available at:


Amethyst Books & Essence

8989 Young Road

Chilliwack, BC  V2P 4R9

604-792-3730  (call to reserve with payment to follow)

And on-line at:


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