Monday February 20, 2012


Chilliwack Left Out Dialysis Loop

Several BC cities with comparable, or less, people have hemo dialysis

Submitted by Elaina Wugalter, Chwk


ith regards to our quest for a dialysis unit at the Chilliwack General Hospital to address the availability of treatment for all those folk afflicted with chronic kidney disease requiring hemo dialysis to sustain life, we would like you to address the following facts that communities smaller than Chilliwack have such a unit for their citizens. for example

City Population (as of 2011) Dialysis Unit                                 Elaina Wugalter speaks with NDP Leader Adrian Dix last month.

Powell River 13,165 (city) yes

Cumberland 3,398 yes

Duncan 4,932 (city)
43,252(urban) yes

Port Alberni 17,743 yes

Nanaimo 83,810 (city)
98,021 (metro) yes - 2 units

92,308 (METRO) NO NO NO NO

As you can see from the above information way smaller communities have such hemo dialysis units and Nanaimo whose population is only slightly slightly above Chilliwack has not ONE but TWO Dialysis Units.

THE ONLY CONCLUSION that can be drawn from this comparison is that something is terribly unjust and wrong with regards to those so afflicted with chronic kidney disease requiring hemo dialysis to sustain life who reside east of Abbotsford in the area that includes Chilliwack, Hope, Agassiz, Harrison, and Boston Bar.

To correct this situation the only remedy that is just is to provide a hemo dialysis unit in Chilliwack at the Chilliwack General Hospital so that those folk so afflicted can have made available the treatment they need to sustain life in their home community which as shown by the figures above can be sustained.


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