Thursday February 9, 2012

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Hemodialysis Help

Gaetz hopes for more dialogue at next Health Board meeting on local dialysis issue



ast week we reported that FVRD Chair Sharon Gaetz spoke about the dialysis issue at the last meeting and that she was going to be talking with Dr. Nigel Murray.

In fact, Gaetz said she had already spoken with Dr. Murray and was going to try and bring up the topic of getting a hemodialysis unit or even a mobile unit for Chilliwack at the next Fraser Health Board meeting.

Gaetz acknowledged that some Chilliwack patients had difficulty getting to dialysis appointments at the hospital in Abbotsford and hopes to bring up the topic at the next Health Board meeting.

"During this inclement weather, we had people in our community that were very stretched to be able to obtain the dialysis treatment that they needed, the needed hemodialysis and they had to go into the Abbotsford Regional Hospital."

"Fraser Health, at this point, doesn't feel that is a big enough number to warrant that kind of service for Chilliwack, but they said they will be contacting each one of the patients to find out how they can assist them and if there's another way to be able to help them with home care during those times, or a mobile unit and thinking toward the future where we could actually have a unit in the city of Chilliwack."

Gaetz said that Murray told her there are 13 patients in Chilliwack and a total of 25, when including the outlying electoral districts in the upper Fraser Valley, and that a dialysis is not in FHA's immediate plans, however it is something that can be looked in the future.



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