Wednesday February 29, 2012

Fire News


Double Trouble For Fire Dept

Spontaneous rag combustion fire at hotel and suspicious Prest Rd. blaze

Released by Jeff Ullyot, Chwk Fire Dept.


Yellow police tape blocks the entrance to this Prest Road home destroyed by Fire Tuesday.


fire in the utility room at the Coast Hotel around 9:05 P.M. was controlled by the automatic sprinkler system.


A box of cleaning rages, hot out of the dryer, spontaneously combusted after being tightly packed into a cardboard box. The fire triggered the sprinkler system, dousing the fire. Damage to the building was limited, which was directly attributed to the automatic sprinkler system. All occupants evacuated safely and had returned to their rooms within the hour.


Structure Fire in Abandoned Home

A second fire, in the 8800 block of Prest Road at approximately 11:10 P.M. caused significant damage to a vacant home that was due for demolition. Upon arrival of fire crews, smoke and flames were venting from the first floor and roof area. Firefighters worked from the outside to quickly control the blaze. There were no injuries. The suspicious fire is under investigation by the RCMP and the Chilliwack Fire Department.


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