Monday February 20, 2012


Supper And Song

Christian Singles offer a night of live gospel music February 25

Submitted by Rodney Phillipson, CSG


ou may know Gerda Peachey as a Christian Politian but she is also an excellent gospel singer. Come out and join us for a night of gospel  singing and dinner.


For a sample clip, go here.

The Peroggi Dinner starts at 6 pm and is by donation, according to ability. The program begins at 7 pm.

If you have a music ministry or speaking gift let us know as we are always looking for ministries that will reach out to singles. For more information and to RSVP, e-mail Rodney here.

Upcoming Events:

March 3/2011 SPEAKER: Gerrit Shutte president of Abbotsford Chapter Full Gospel Business Men’s group. Topic: “Healing and Restoration”

March. 17/2012 St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Party (more info later)

March 24/2011 Skate Outing ! Meet up at 12:00 Abbotsford Recreational Center. Coffee and fellowship after wards.

UPCOMING OUTINGS (more info later) Bowling, dinner out, movie nite, skating, swimming,theatre, hikes, picknicks,BQ’s.
UPCOMING RETREATS (RSVP and for more info call: Rodney-604-824-8587) 10 people per retreat.

May 16/2012-May 23/2012 GALIANO RETREAT RSVP We have people booked for Victoria day weekend ! RSVP Soon!
June 27/2012-July 4/2012 GALIANO RETREAT -(This retreat is filling up !) RSVP SOON !
Aug. 1st /2012- Aug. 8 /2012 GALIANO RETREAT (This retreat is filling up) RSVP SOON !

GALIANO RETREAT- accomidations free, tour guide free,carpool  cost to the Island and share in cooking cost. Aprox. $ 100 needed (you pay) plus your pocket money. Reserve your place ASAP !

Going alone cost $150 plus your spending money. Ferry information is here.

Christian Singles Group is a support group for singles (of  all ages) in the Lower Mainland, BC. located in Abbotsford, held at 31929 Mercantile Way. 5:30 doors open, 6:00 food and fellowship and 7:00 program.

Christian Singles Group an interdenominational outreach ministry and support group for singles of all age groups located in Abbotsford, BC  provides a place for singles in the lower mainland to meet Saturday  evenings to worship, fellowship, have fun, and build healthy relationships in the body of Christ. We host special events, musical entertainment, guest speakers, retreats, and group activities in a Christian environment.

CSG also networks with other Christian singles groups in the lower mainland and surrounding areas.

Christian Singles Group is NOT A CHURCH but rather an outreach ministry and support group to singles. We encourage all to participate in a local church for their spiritual growth!

CSG brings love, acceptance, and support for singles who are wounded, rejected, lonely, dejected, and hurting. We provide both pastoral and social work to those singles who are reaching out for understanding and unconditional love. We are not a date site but neither do we discourage relationship building whether as friend or potential mate. However, our focus is to minister to the needs of singles, spiritually, physically and socially.

Those interested in attending CSG for support or to be a support are very welcome! Jesus said that if you do not love your brother whom you see how can you say that you love God whom you do not see? If you say that you love God then you will also love your brother. All men shall know you belong to me if you love each other, (paraphrase) John 13:35, 1 John 3:1o-17, 1 John 4:8,20, John 15:10-20, Eph.5:2, Gal.5:2, James 2, James 4:11,12,

For more info phone Rodney at 604-824-8587 or Kim at 604-504-0494

CSG supports and is approved by Fraser Valley Christian Center street outreach /church in Abbotsford, BC. For directions go here.



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