Thursday February 23, 2012


Ode To Owls

'Only God can save them now'

Submitted by Glen Thompson, Friends of the Chilliwack River Valley

he largest and oldest stand of old growth in the Chilliwack River Valley is being destroyed today. Fallers are now inside the Owl Forestís legally designated Wildlife Habitat. Some of these trees are older than Canada.


The forest survived the great fire of 1938 but they cannot survive Barry Pennerís deal with Tamihi Logging. If we canít stop logging in a legally designated Wildlife Habitat then there is no hope to prevent the extinction of the Northern Spotted Owl.

The CRV Owl in the area has been radio tagged and is being monitored by some guy in a truck or whatnot to allow the logging to race on.

This is the result of a secret deal negotiated over 3 years (2007 Ė 2010) with no consultation. It provides exemptions from protection to allow the logging of the biggest and oldest trees, in the largest stand of owl growth left in the Chilliwack River Valley.

A vigil is now taking place 1 km north of Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. God made these owls and only God can save them now. The best CRV Habitat is now lost.


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