Monday February 20, 2012

Crime News

Parkwood Delict

Police diffuse possible hostage drama Sunday



RCMP surround the Parkwood Lodge on Young Rd. late Sunday evening.


hilliwack RCMP reponded to a possible hostage-taking incident in unit #105 at the Parkwood Lodge Motor Hotel in the 8600 block of Young Rd just after 11 P.M. Sunday.

One of the victims called police to say that guests in the adjacent room were not allowing the disabled couple and that one had a gun in his pocket.

The female victim said that the neighbour would "smack her" if she tried to leave and that they couldn't sneak out due to bars on the back windows.

Police moved in and resolved the issue between rooms before any hostilities took place. They told some unruly guest to leave and that they'd be arrested and put in jail if they caused any more trouble.

RCMP file #4594

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