Saturday February 25, 2012

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Panic On Patten 

ERT responds to knife threats as shirtless woman dangles from balcony

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Paramedics attend to a distraught woman involved in a dangerous situation Friday .


ounties responded to calls that a half-naked woman was screaming for help and hanging from a second floor balcony of an apartment in the 45000 block of Patten Ave. Friday afternoon.


While police scrambled to the area, witnesses described a shirtless woman had climbed over the balcony and was screaming "someone's trying to kill me".


According to witnesses, a man was seen inside with a knife in his hands. However, it was quickly discerned that he was actually helping the woman, who was still outside clinging to the railing. She continued to dangle precariously for 4 or 5 minutes, until the man inside the suite helped her to safety and then outside to where paramedics were waiting.


A police officer reported that a man inside the apartment was high on drugs, or some other medication, with slash wounds to his throat and wrists, but this has not been confirmed. A man could be heard sobbing while police dealt with him.


When ERT members initially moved in to secure the building, they were given the wrong suite number and entered an empty unit before moving next door.


A shirtless man was brought out and put into a police car, then taken away. More details as they emerge later.



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