Friday February 10, 2012

Crime News

Young Road Store Robbed

Masked man gets away with cigarettes in heist



A police dog was used to track a suspect after this store was robbed Friday morning.


round 10 A.M Friday, a man wearing a bandanna walked into Young Rd. Supermarket, tossed a black daypack onto the counter and and demanded "all the smokes". No weapon was seen and the suspect fled south on foot. Police immediately setup a perimeter for several blocks around the scene of the crime. A police dog was involved in tracking the suspect.


The robber is described as a white male, approximately 5' tall wearing a blue checkered hoodie. It's not known if police managed to apprehend the suspect. An officer checked a person of interest at Victoria Ave. and Nowel St. but it is unknown if police were able to apprehend the robbery suspect.






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