Sunday February 12, 2012


The Dialysis Challenge

Something only a kidney patient would do

Submitted by Elaina Wugalter, Chilliwack


HALLENGE: (You have to make arrangements to be driven, you cannot drive) For One Month... leave Chilliwack and travel to Abbotsford. then sit in a dialysis chair for 4.5 hours not moving at all.. then travel back home to Chilliwack.


NDP Leader Adrian Dix speaks with Elaina Wugalter, whose husband is a kidney patient.


The challenge of course must be done 3 times a week... nothing can interfere with this schedule... no family event, no work commitment nothing. The challenge is to go to Abbotsford, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday leaving Chilliwack around 11:00 a.m. sitting in a chair for 4.5 hours and then travelling back to Chilliwack.. you cannot miss and at the end of the month you will have gone 12 times this by the length of time until, lets say 90 years old, so if you're 45, times this by 45 years. Is this now okay for you?


This issue is of great importance to those folk afflicted with chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis to sustain life. No one is immune to kidney disease and people need to understand the suffering of those afflicted. Perhaps if those naysayers who think a dialysis unit is not needed live the challenge for a month, they will be able to get a first had feeling of the suffering these folk go through.



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