Tuesday February 21, 2012

City Hall News

A Brave New City

Downtown renewal a step closer

Released by Starlee Renton, City of Chwk


ouncil has received the Downtown Task Force Report and has directed staff and the newly formed Implementation Committee to move forward with next steps. The recommendations in the report will require further analysis of resources, impact, timelines and potential partnerships.

"Thank you to the Task Force for all the hard work and thoughtful recommendations that went into this report," said Mayor Sharon Gaetz. "You have given Council and our community much to consider and we look forward to moving forward with the discussion and required actions."

The Task Force Report outlines twenty recommendations for realizing the Downtown Chilliwack Vision sooner than the thirty years outlined in the 2010 Downtown Land Use and Development Plan. The recommendations relate to land development and assembly, social issues, revitalization incentives, marketing, unsightly premises, implementation and monitoring. Some of the recommendations in the report will require further analysis for resources, impact, and timelines and for potential partnerships. Others expand on the existing initiatives and improvements already underway.

The Task Force Report and action updates can be found online at www.chilliwackdowntownplan.ca. We are using the hashtag #Chwkdtplan to discuss the plan on Twitter. Questions and comments about the plan can be emailed to here or contact the City of Chilliwack Planning Department at 604-793-2906.

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