Saturday February 12, 2011


Happy Harper

Tories busy with attack ads and stacking the senate

Submitted by Brad Lavigne by way of Dick Harrington


arper’s chief Conservative Party fundraiser has a great job. He makes a 6-figure salary and works three days a week raising money for Conservative attack ads. And here's the best part — he doesn't cost the Conservatives a thing because you're paying his salary.


Think that’s wrong? Here’s your chance to tell Harper you’re done paying for his Conservative friends.

Five years ago Stephen Harper promised never to appoint an unelected Senate.

Now he holds the all-time record for appointing the largest number of Senators in one day.

Fundraisers, partisan campaign staff and failed Conservative candidates – now all on the public payroll.

Harper’s chief fundraiser alone cost you $419,000 in 2009. Add it all up, and Harper’s Senate is costing you $90 million a year.

Send a message right now: Mr. Harper – I’m done paying for your fundraisers and failed Conservative candidates.


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