Wednesday February 2, 2011


Salmon Snafus 

Clearing up the confusion on farmed salmon

Submitted by Elena Edwards


rogress was made at the second meeting of the group that has come together with the intent to create a means of redirecting the public to real facts on the effects of open net feedlots as a response to the ridiculous ads and commercials put out by the BCSFA. While those ads are ridiculous on many levels, what they do accomplish is creating more confusion and conflict.

Our goal is to clear up that confusion using whatever means possible, with the immediate goal being to get something out there asap with continued efforts following using what media connections and networks are available.

Attached are the recent ads put out by the BCSFA as well as the tasks and objectives of the strategy meeting last evening. All involved in this project are asked to familiarize themselves with the BCSFA ads, commercials and website to best understand what an effective and continual response will be to the misleading tactics they are using.

I know, the lies are painful to watch but it's best to know what kind of shite is being fed to the public in order to counter it..

Links are below.

BCSFA Commercials:

A few BCSFA videos (try not to laugh. or cry):

Then there's this from the Pacific Salmon Forum:

Groups/websites/videos opposing open net salmon farming:


Slideshow tour with Sally the Salmon:

Some of the websites:

It has been much discussed that there are more websites, links and fb pages than one knows what to do with. It has been queried as to whether it'd be beneficial to have one site somewhere that lists all website links for groups opposing fish farms and associated updates and info rather than overlapping. I believe it'd be worthwhile to explore this further.

More information and plans will be forthcoming as things progress. Outreach is essential at this time, as the BCSFA seems to being feeling pressured enough to put big money into creating more confusion and propaganda. With the Cohen Commission examining aquaculture, Fin Donnelly's bill and other ongoing campaigns, there is a real need to keep the efforts as focused and effective as possible.

Once again, some of you are in blind cc so as to keep you from an influx of email exchanges. If you wish to not receive updates on this matter or wish to be part of the exchange, please email me.

Thank you for all of the voluntary efforts and drive to pull something together.

Onwards, upwards, in the spirit of Wild Salmon.

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