Thursday February 3, 2011

Upcoming Event 

Pink & Black Gala

Breast cancer fundraiser at the Coast Hotel Feb 12



oy Vanderbilt and Barb Blanchett were on 98.3 Starfm's morning show Thursday and spoke with radio personalities Scott and Lisa regarding their upcoming fundraiser "The Pink and Black Gala" for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at the Coast Hotel on February 12.

In case you missed it, the following are highlights from the conversation.


I'm very honoured for this occasion and thrilled that we're going to be able to do some fundraising for the Breast Cancer Foundation.



Barb was our manager in the hospital for quite a long time, actually I worked with her in our department. She made her way up to the top there and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a lot of us, of course our dear friend is going through something very difficult and we needed to come around her, we wanted to. It wasn't even a question of, you know, 'can you help?' it was more like 'how can we help?'

Eight weeks ago we kind of got started talking because Barb always organized all of our social events at the hospital, Christmas, New Year's parties were all done by Barb and this Christmas was like; 'There's no Christmas party' while Barb's going through Chemo and then we kind of got talking about it. You know we really need to do something for Barb.

It wasn't a one-man-person that took this on, it was everybody in the whole place of Chilliwack is all about teamwork and Barb was always about teamwork in the hospital, that was her leadership style and people just came to me and we got together on this and that's where it went from there. Eight weeks and we're over the top. You would not believe how much this has taken off.


At first I was shocked and then when it sort of sunk, I thought, 'Wow, they want to do this for me?' I just find it very overwhelming and very humbling.



Teamwork, that's the way Chilliwack Hospital is. That's the philosophy. It's the "Little Hospital That Can", it truly is. We've always been a team, put your heads together and form a rock pile sort of thing. You know one person just doesn't make all the decisions.

Anything you read about having a diagnosis like (breast cancer) that, they talk about support and how that has such an effect on the outcome. It truly does. It just adds to the positiveness (sic) that 'yes, I'm going to get through this, I'm going to be back at work before I know it, let's go.

We've got tons and tons of donations. It's a silent auction evening so, we've got incredible door prizes, we have, I cannot believe, you talk about teamwork in the hospital, it has now spread out into the community. Chilliwack and Abbotsford as far away as even Ontario, I've had people give me stuff, looking for information. Incredible stuff that's coming in.

We'd still be happy to accept more donations. People that want to get their businesses involved in donating baskets and stuff, we'd love it.

We also have more tickets that actually we've just opened up as of today, we were waiting to go on Star (98.3 Starfm) so we could meet them.

We sort of projected initially 'Oh, well maybe lets see, maybe 150, max 200 people' and in the back of my mind I'm thinking 'gee but I know my people', and I'm thinking it might go bigger than that and it did. We sold out of our tickets, we only printed 250, we sold out of them and then we said 'well what can we do to make more space?', so Kathleen Funk Productions really has helped to pull things together and work with the table area and we've been able to open up more tickets.

The tickets are $40 each and are available at Kathleen Funk Productions as well as Silk and White Satin. Marie there is going to be selling them for us as well.

Pink and Black is the attire. It's formal. We're not going to turn people away. I think some people want to wear their tuxedo tee shirts and I'm fine with that.

All the money does go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and we're just looking forward to a really great evening.

This started off as a little dance, by the way, 'lets just get a bunch of us into a dance', and then it turned into a fundraiser. I've never done anything like this before, so whatever happens, happens and we'll be happy with that so I mean, if we can get $10,000 we'll be ecstatic if we go over that. That'd be amazing.

We've got a huge team of fundraising people out there and I just want to say thank you to some of our sponsors; Go Audio; The Coast Hotel; Silk and White Satin which has helped us a lot with dresses; Kathleen Funk Productions without her I don't know where I'd be; Griffon Security; Lennae from the Balloon Design Company and of course The Travellers which is the band that is donating 100 per cent of their ability, they're just giving it to us.

And one thing I have to say is that we've got ballroom dancers coming to put on a display for us and as I understand one couple that's coming they're in their 70s and they placed silver in the Candian Dance Competition so their dance apparently is the Tango so I must say I want to see some 70-year-olds dance the Tango.


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