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Moving Sale Turns Into Fire Sale

Two-alarm blaze on Gore Ave. sends woman to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation

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A two-alarm blaze broke out on the 46000 block of Gore Tuesday afternoon. No one was seriously injured however one woman was treated in hospital for smoke inhalation.


he Chilliwack Fire Department responded to a two-alarm blaze in the 46000 block of Gore Ave. Tuesday at approximately 1 p.m. after a house caught fire.


One neighbour said she heard a loud bang and looked outside to see smoke billowing from the single family structure. The occupants escaped without injury however, a woman who was inside the dwelling suffered some smoke inhalation and was taken to Chilliwack General Hospital.

By 2:30 p.m. fire crews were still struggling with the stubborn blaze and a chainsaw was used to remove shrubbery before tackling the blaze from the roof.

According to another neighbour, Mrs. Maxwell, the block is generally quiet, despite a fair number of people coming and going from the residence across the street where the fire took place. She said that generally the occupants of the house kept to themselves and she did see them outside fixing it up occasionally.

"The house down here has got teenagers and they've got people coming and going all the time," she said pointing down Gore. "People come and go everywhere so you can't just judge."

The Voice tried to ascertain from CFD spokesperson Don Van Beest, who was standing around watching the house burn, how many fire halls responded and he admitted that he had no idea what a two-alarm blaze was when questioned. He was also less than helpful regarding how many firemen actually attended the blaze.

However, Van Beest did say that the fire was under control because "it's all white smoke now."

He didn't know if the cause of the blaze was suspicious in nature and wouldn't comment on that until the fire was out and the investigation had taken place.

Cpl. Rick Elliot told reporters on the scene that officials had no idea how the fire started.

"We're still trying to determine what the cause of the fire is," he said.

Police set up barricades on both ends on the block between Williams and Charles and traffic was re-routed for the duration of the afternoon.

There was some speculation from some of the neighbours that a meth lab was the cause, but that has not been determined and the Voice could not confirm that with officials.

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