Wednesday February 2, 2011



Lord Take Me Downtown, I'm Just Looking For Some Tush  

Two companies form an allegiance to bring the best clothing lines to the city

Submitted by Michelle Cooper, DIVA!


IVA! Boutique and TUSH Lingerie, two Fraser Valley companies have joined forces to bring locally designed lingerie and swimwear to the Fraser Valley. Michelle Cooper, Rebecca Booth, owners of DIVA! Boutique have formed an alliance with Roberta Lee, owner of TUSH Ltd to bring the Tush line back to the Fraser Valley by offering the full TUSH line at DIVA! Boutique.

It is Michelle and Rebecca’s mission to create a supportive environment for women to embrace their beauty and express themselves and provide a viable retail venue for artists and designers that support the DIVA! philosophy and brand. Their store on Mill Street embodies everything that is fabulous, beautiful and classic.

TUSH is dedicated to bringing you the best of the uptown city feel in its line of Lingerie. TUSH strives to make all its garments sexy, comfortable while being something you shouldn't be scared to show off. TUSH SWIMWEAR, the amazing range of resort wear sets the standard for others to follow. Roberta Lee pulls out all stops when it comes to fashion swimwear and her feelings reflect this in everything she designs.

Michelle Cooper says, “This was a natural alliance for us. DIVA! and TUSH just go together. We believe in high quality, well made garments that allow women to express themselves. We work hard to find local companies to work with and were thrilled to develop this relationship with TUSH. Roberta has been so supportive and a great inspiration to us in the development of our business.”

For further information, contact Michelle Cooper at DIVA! Boutique or Roberta Lee at Tush Ltd. or online at:  or


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