Monday February 7, 2011


Police Blotter

The Super Bowl of Crime     

Chilliwack Police services were taxed over weekend



he weekend started on the usual note with some arrests and small stuff but soon turned into a crescendo of crime. In fact, it was more like the Super Bowl of Crime for our Mounties on the weekend and kudos to them. Read about the heroes and zeros on the other side of the barbed wire here.


Friday Feb 4

Going Public

8:55am A domestic disturbance took place on Edwards St. According to police, there was lots of yelling and screaming going on.


Not Far To Court

In the afternoon at 3:08pm A female officer arrested and cuffed a suspect in the parking lot behind the courthouse. She called for a male officer to attend and search the suspect.


Family Matters, Just Not To This Guy

At approximately 4pm, a call came in to police from a mother who was having trouble with her 10-year-old daughter. According to the mother, the daughter was out of anti-psychotic medication and was attacking their 1-year-old baby. The mother was having a hard time holding the daughter back and had to drop the phone while talking with 911 emergency services. There was lots of yelling and screaming going on and police responded. A back-up member was also called in to witness because the daughter had done "crazy things" in previous encounters. Officers noted there was quite a bit of history at the home and in fact Mounties were there just the day before to quell another disturbance involving the two.


Duck Hunters?

At 2:24pm an officer said he heard shots while on patrol and made a staff inquiry regarding if the area was safe to discharge firearms along an unidentified area along the river.


Child Found

On a busy afternoon and thrown into the mix last Friday was a "found a child" at the corner of Keith Wilson and Peach Rd. by an officer on patrol by the river. It's than likely just got separated from family along the Vedder.


Ditches and Ducks in Chilliquack Central

Four possible gunshots were heard out on Sweet Briar Rd. It's a way out there off Chilliquack Central in the land of the big ditches and ducks.


Plastic Flowers

Don Van Beest with Chilliwack Fire Dept. spokesperson tells people about the dangers of plastic flowers and burning cigarette butts and can't stress enough how dangerous they are. At 7:30pm police were called in to assist with a fire that was started by a cigarette. It was reported that the two women living in the apartment managed to extinguish the fire. I went out on this call and I missed the address and heard Young Rd. and drove from one end of Young to the other looking for naught.


Hungry Thief

At 7:41pm police responded to a shoplifter call at Pricesmart Foods.


Possible 68

Later on that same evening, a driver was spotted traveling extra slow near the interchange at Agassiz. The car also had it's interior light on while on the road. So he was checked. It's not known what the outcome of this was.





Sometimes Father Doesn't Know Best

Police pulled over a vehicle way out on Shrewsbury Drive at 2:46pm. It turned out there was no insurance on the vehicle and the man behind the wheel was prohibited from driving. When he got out of the vehicle, he refused to get back in and was "acting all weird". The man's wife and child were inside him put on a show. The officer noted that he didn't know what the dad's problem was. It turned out that he had a criminal record for weapon and drug charges. He eventually got back in the vehicle and a tow truck was called. Editors Note: This is such a sad incident involving a guy who shouldn't be on the road, was uninsured and "prohib'ed" from driving, nestled on a bed of weapon and drug charges taking his family down the wrong road in life.


Parkwood Lodge Armed Robbery

At 10pm a man described as a 6', African-American with medium-dark coloured skin a trimmed beard and short hair walked into the office at the Parkwood Lodge and showed staff a gun demanding money. The man ran down Brooks Ave. after leaving the scene of the crime and somehow managed to avoid a dragnet and police dogs. He was last seen wearing a blue zip up jacket, dark blue jeans and a white toque. RCMP may have been able to gather fingerprints from the crime scene to help identify the robber. Thankfully, no one was hurt. It's not known if the man was given any cash.


Speed Freak -Parkwood Robbery related above

Then just after 11pm, a red station wagon-like car was spotted by police going at a high rate of speed westbound on Hwy 1. An officer got on at Prest and attempted to follow but lost sight of it before Vedder Overpass and continued on to No. 3. Abbotsford was alerted and officers saw no car coming in matching that description. Realizing quickly that the driver could have exited, they searched the surrounding area including a car that matched the description with a "warm" hood. Unless we find out otherwise this guy got away. This car may have been related to the Robbery which took place at the Parkwood Lodge and later at another robbery at the Popkum Rd gas station holdup as well. See the lead story on the Voice for the latest release from the RCMP.


Mounties Get Their Man

A B&E suspect was apprehended when he exited a house on Lickman Rd. and left on foot across the highway.


Fight But No Flight

At 11:43 a woman called police to there was a fight between two guys going on Bracken Rd. She said they had been scrapping for 10 minutes.


Plate Stealer On A Platter

RCMP pulled over a car on Yale Rd. West near the Petro Can Cardlock at 11:48pm to find that the car had stolen plates on it and the driver admitted to stealing them in New Westminster. He was arrested and the car impounded.


Editors Note: My plates have been stolen twice and they take the papers inside the car and it costs $40 each time they do that and you usually don't find out they're stolen until someone points it out to you on the road, like maybe an officer?




In The Dark, In The Night

At almost 1am an elderly woman living on Northview Rd. called to say someone was in her basement. According to the report she was very frightened and rightfully so. Apparently, there was some banging around going on in the lower level of her home which would give anyone a fright let alone a senior. Police responded quickly and Dog Services were called in to track. It's unclear if they got whoever it was.


A Big Blue Hangover

At 1:48am, an off-duty police officer driving home on Hwy. 1 to Chilliwack from Abbotsford noticed a blue Dodge Dakota swerving and appeared to the officer that the driver was drunk. She alerted Chilliwack RCMP who posted officers at off ramps. They had a plate number so were able to establish that the driver lived on First Ave. It's possible the driver was thinking about sneaking in the back door because he didn't get off the highway where police expected at the Vedder exit, and instead, continued on to the Prest Rd. off ramp into the arms of the police who were there waiting for him. His truck was impounded for 30-days and his licence was revoked for 90-days on the spot.


Editors Note: Criminal entries are made into the RCMP's PRIME system at that time no judge or jury or court time. If police visit your house, you're on the system. If you report a crime, you're on the system. Which means inanimate objects are on the system such as houses. No matter who lives in the house anything police-related at that address and it shows in PRIME.


12-Hours To Think About It

About an hour later at 2:33am another driver came close to suffering the same fate as the fella above but was only dished out a 12-hour suspension.


Drinking & Walking

Not to be outdone, this guy had a hard time walking while drinking. A report at 2:47am had a man casually strolling down Vedder at Keith Wilson drinking a beer. The upside is he doesn't get behind a wheel when he drinks.


Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling, Steal Some...

At 9:32am someone was trying to steal a car on Nowel St. and then at 9:53am a B&E was reported to have taken place in a locker at a storage facility on Evans Rd.


Super Bowl Pre-Party BBQ Is The Pits

The partying was getting off to an early start Sunday at 10:48am and police were summoned for help to put out a barbeque fire that had a little too much "Stuporbowl" in it.


To wrap up the report this week, here's a mentionable...


Wicked Assault

At 4am an assault with a "sharp knife" took place when a man described as wearing brown roofer overalls ended up stealing another man's pants and wallet. (I missed half of this incident). It's possible the victim was hurt in the attack and Police Dog Services were called in to track. Officers set up a perimeter in the areas of Young/Reece/William/Lewis & Cook eventually extending it to Ashwell. The incident took place around Williams St. and Yale Rd.


The assailant was described as being 52, with blonde hair, 5'8" and 150 lbs. He was also carrying a guitar on his back and the weapon was said to have been a 4"-5" caring knife. The dog found the clothes and wallet at Reece and Courbold then lost the track. The officer went back to reacquire the track at Victoria Ave. and Robson St. The outcome of this one is unclear.


If you have information any of these crimes or any others you can call Crime Stoppers at: 1-800-222- TIPS(8477). Tips can also be made online at 



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