Saturday February 5, 2011


Police Blotter

Stolen Car, Nicked Donation Box And Lady-Of-The-Day

What's happening on the other side of the barbed wire



Tax Dollars At Work

t 2:21pm Monday some youths were seen starting a fire in Sardis Park near the main gates. Police attended and also noticed that the bathroom doors had been vandalized. The fire department was called to extinguish the fire.


Bank Alarms False Alerts

Police received a call from a woman working above the bank Monday afternoon saying that multiple alarms were going off at Coast Capital Savings on Luckakuck. The doors affected were the Cafe Motion and the detour entry door. Staff were alerted. Police were also alerted by the alarm company after a second alarm went off. Last week, the same bank had more ghostly alarms going off. It's unknown what triggered the alarms.


The Great Unwashed

Also on Monday, Mounties were dispatched to a home on Ashwell Rd. where an unwanted person was in a home. According to police, the parties were all drunk. On a Monday in the afternoon?




Smash-Up Derby

On Thursday, a three-car pileup happened at just after 3pm on the Evans Roundabout and luckily resulted in no serious injuries.


Stolen Vehicle

In the early morning hours at approximately 3:39am, police came across a trio of nefarious characters hovering around a vehicle with the ignition punched behind the old bank on Princess at Young Rd. The males took off running in opposite directions on Princess. One of them, in a red hoodie with gold letters on the back was described as 6' tall, Caucasian about 180lbs. The car was confirmed to have been stolen from an underground parking lot in Abbottsford. Police Dog Services were called in who had to come in from Abbotsford. PDS lost the track not long after.


On the Run

A black vehicle took off like a bat-out-of-hell when police moved in on it at about 4am on Kipp Ave. The car was identified as a black 2-door Pontiac or Cavalier. The driver was described as having a shaved head and wearing a black shirt.


Diabetes Donation Box Theft

At 7:11am a report came into the police about a woman who was in the A&W and took the Canadian Diabetes donation box off the front counter when staff wasn't looking. She ran out of the restaurant with it and headed toward Pricesmart Foods. Staff identified her by name and police were able to ascertain that she had a crime history which included a failure to appear. She was wearing a white hoodie under a jacket and had a big nose.


Female Ditched

Police responded to a woman who landed up in the ditch at about 1:30pm while driving on Chilliwack River Rd. She was driving a red tempo and at first was trapped inside the vehicle but managed to get out before emergency crews arrived and police asked for the fire department to stand down. The vehicle needed to be towed out. It's not clear why or how she ended up going off the road.


Possible 68

A man was inside the Grand Pappy furniture store on Yale near Aitchelitz Rd. at approximately 2:45pm when an employee noticed that he smelled of alcohol. The staff also said he was "burping and tooting" and "slurring his words". The besotted customer left the store and got into his car and left. It's unclear where he went or if police managed to catch up with him.


Lady of the Day

At 3:14pm, a man from Rosedale was pulled over in a white GMC pickup truck at Fletcher and Yale Rd. The responding officer who was checking the plates, said that he had "one of my ladies of the evening with him".


Miracle Baby

At 4:11pm, a frantic mother at a residence on Hope River Rd. kept dialing 911 and screaming into the phone but kept hanging up before being hooked up to the ambulance services. Her 1-yr-old baby stopped breathing. RCMP responded as did paramedics and somehow, quite miraculously, the child began breathing again without assistance. The child was lethargic and paramedics transported the child to the hospital.



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