Tuesday February 8, 2011



Shaken Baby Conference

Bayne's couple bringing together experts in Surrey for summer study

Submitted by Zabeth Baynes/Voice file photo


aul and I have been working on organising a conference dealing with issues such as we have been through with medical misdiagnosis and the MCFD. We now have a conference set with a groups of professionals ranging from medical experts, lawyers, social investigation and advocacy to address these issues and hopefully provide some education to those practicing in our area. We are just waiting for one further speaker confirmation, which is a representative from the Goudge Inquiry in Ontario.

During the conference all guests will have the opportunity to relax at the coffee bar located on campus. It features contemporary decor in a friendly atmosphere.

Evidence Based Medicine And Social Investigation

We are pleased to announce our first E.B.M.S.I. conference to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The conference is set for August 4th, 5th and 6th and will focus on various levels of expertise:

Location: Pacific Life Bible College 15030 – 66 A Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 2A5 CANADA

For more information and to register go here.