Thursday February 17, 2011

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Plus Sterk signs up sustainable members

Submitted by Office of the Green Party


C Liberal and NDP leadership hopefuls have signed up members by the thousands in a frantic effort to gain support for their campaigns in recent weeks.


BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk has been signing up members, too, but not by filling out hundreds of application  forms, but by talking to people in BC ridings, one by one.

For the past few months, Sterk has been crisscrossing the province, holding information meetings in constituencies on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and the Interior.

It's all part of a drive to prepare for the next provincial election, which, says Sterk, is a critical one for the future of the Green Party, and BC's economy and environment.

"We have a choice," says Sterk. "We can continue with business as usual, with an old-style economy based on fossil fuels, or move forward to an economy built on sustainable energy and green entrepreneurship."

A team of 75 Green Party volunteers have prepared a series of papers on a broad range of policies, from taxation to health care, natural resources to democratic participation.

These papers will be open for discussion on the Green Party website to give its members and the general public an opportunity to provide their input.

They are also being sent to business and community groups for their comment in order to consult with as many sectors as possible throughout BC, says Sterk.

These policies will be voted on by Green Party delegates at the 2011 Annual General Meeting, to be held in Burnaby, Saturday, May 7th through Sunday, May 8th.

"We want BC's leaders to be aware of the bold, achievable goals that the Green Party has formulated to create self-sufficient, sustainable economies based on rapid investment in regions," says Sterk.

About the Green Party of BC

The Green Party of BC is the only major party in BC with no debt. A Green economy would run on the principles of triple-bottom-line accounting, rewarding organizations and individuals that practice environmental, social and economic sustainability and aligning government expenditure decisions with citizens' wishes.