Saturday February 19, 2011


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APP Doc A "Sham and Disgrace"

Randy Hawes not operating in the best "interest of public"

Submitted by Jan and Reg Longmore


Re: Randy Hawes comments in Chilliwack Progress


s usual MLA Randy Hawes could not be more wrong concerning the Aggregate Pilot Project. From it's inception, it was hidden from the public, behind closed doors with neither the Department of Fisheries, the Department of the Environment, or the general public being allowed to participate, even though it greatly affects the lives of ordinary people who obviously have no rights whatsoever in the mind of Randy Hawes. This document was conceived by the Gravel Industry as a way to circumvent public participation, with Randy Hawes as their champion to further erode the rights of ordinary citizens of British Columbia.

It is obvious that Mr. Hawes and the Gravel Industry do not want any participation from the public, as the flaws in the APP would become highlighted and exposed for what they really are, which is an absolute sham of "Due Process". Mr. Hawes's contention that the Area Representatives of the FVRD provide the "Publics' Input" is just ludicrous, as these same people (as described by Mr. Dennis Adamson) are duty bound to also represent the interests of the Gravel Industry, which obviously do NOT represent the interests of the public.

In short, the Aggregate Pilot Project, is an absolute disgrace, which would become obvious to any rational "non prejudiced" person reading the document. I want to reiterate that there are many "Non Conflict" gravel mines in operation, which are run by owners who are very conscientious to concerns of local area residents as well as the environment, and who are welcomed as part of the community, however the APP would actually encourage owners to bypass residents' concerns.

Lastly, to comment on Mr. Hawes's statement that house prices would skyrocket if gravel producers were to mine in non confrontational areas, this is absolutely not the case, as non confrontational operations would be encouraged. Surely Mr. Hawes should be reminded that if his government really wanted to see the house construction industry boom, they should consider removing the HST.

Reg Longmore

Lake Errock


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