Saturday, Dec 2, 2017 

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Pause for the Claus

Ridge-Meadows rein in new recruit

By Clint van Blanken, MR RCMP


The Ridge Meadows RCMP Detachment has been chosen to participate in a unique Policing exchange program between Ridge Meadows Detachment and a Northern partner agency.

On Friday, December 1, Special Constable Roamin Charles-Michael Péttersén arrived at Ridge Meadows Detachment for a month long secondment. This unique experience provides the RCMP with the wonderful opportunity of sharing ideas, knowledge and policing experiences while comparing tactics of policing between foreign partner agencies.


Superintendent, Jennifer Hyland, states, “What is fantastic about this particular exchange is that Roamin will be with us through the Holiday season exposing him to a unique time of year and the challenges that can come with policing during the Holidays.”
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The intent of this program is not only for a foreign officer to experience policing at the local level but to also share and provide a unique inside perspective for people. To facilitate this, Roamin will share his experiences through daily postings and the public can follow along on the detachment's Facebook and Twitter social media feeds.

“It is rare for people to get an up-close and personal look at the day-to-day in a police officer’s life, so the intention that Roamin’s activities will be shared via social media, at the height of the holiday season, is a new experience for us” says Hyland. “I think people are going to be quite entertained.”

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