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Planet Stewards

A rose by any other name is still a rose

By Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Author, Chilliwack


I believe that creation took six days plus a day of rest, but that each day lasted thousands of years.

It is surprising that all mammals and humans were created on the sixth day. There are similarities in their anatomy, but that does not mean there was evolution from one species to another. Our creator followed a similar basic pattern. Humans were added at the end of the sixth day to be good stewards of animals and plants. Carelessly we have disobeyed and allowed the air, water and soil to become polluted.


It is strange that finding a very few ancient bones became the basis on which evolution from one species to another is based. True science is based on large samples and much evidence in many locations.

The Bible warns us against interbreeding between very different species of animals. Horses and donkeys/asses produced mules which would seem to be the same species. All humans are one species and as brothers, could learn better to cooperate with one another.

My dad in his lifetime often took me to visit experimental farms near Vegreville and Edmonton, where wheat that could withstand frost was developed by selective breeding, and later also wheat that was smut free (fungus). Meanwhile grandpa Klammer used formaldahyde to protect wheat from smut. Most of his children, and my mother sooner or later died of different varieties of Cancer. Hers was Ca of the Thyroid.

A rose cannot be crossbred with a marigold, but both have been developed into a multitude of sizes, shapes and colors.

Animals evolved because of environmental changes. Camels got humps on their backs so as to survive in the desert. Giraffes got long tongues and necks so as to be able to get leaves for food from tall trees.

Pigs and sheep cannot crossbreed. Pigs are unclean as are shell fish. They eat refuse and if eaten by humans, serious diseases are caught. However, if their habitat is clean they are safe to eat, we trust. High blood pressure may be one result.

Dogs were evolved from wolves by selection and by changing environments. Cats came from relatives of leopards. I have often been distressed when cats in a home are unable to learn to stay off the dining table. Also to me the floor, door nobs and our fingers are contaminated. Dogs and cats canít interbreed. Dogs are more teachable than cats.



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