Friday, Dec 1, 2017 



The Devil in the Details

Telus says residents need to come up with half a million

By Peter Hamilton for RLFI


Ryder Lake residents have fought a long, hard battle with Telus to get high speed internet access.


They've held meetings, signed petitions, and after an assessment, Telus says residents of the sparsely populated community will have to fork over $580,000 to get it.


The following is the official response from Telus:


Thank you again for reaching out and expressing interest in bringing our broadband service capabilities to Ryder Lake. As discussed, we have completed the cost assessment and determined the contribution amount required to bring PureFibre to your community.

This exercise has shown that we would consider building the network in Ryder Lake if the community were able to contribute to the overall build costs. Our assessment determined that a contribution of $580K plus GST would be required. We are willing to partner with you to seek funding options to support this build (i.e. government grants). The estimated contribution amount quoted takes into account the average number of subscribers to TELUS services over a determined discounted payback period and the average cost per household for the build.

Ryder Lake would be responsible for coordinating the raising and collection of the total contribution amount toward the network upgrade. Any decision to build the network would be dependent on the signing of a Legal Agreement.

The final decision to build and schedule would be dependent on TELUS’ capital expense investment profile and prioritization process. We understand that this is a decision that needs to be made as a community. Please let us know if you are interested in engaging in this dialogue further.

Thank you for your interest in TELUS services, we look forward to hearing from you about this proposal.



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