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  Sunday, Dec 10, 2017 


Nature's Quarterbacks

Five-year fundraiser reaches $265,000 thanks to patrons

By Menita Prasad, GVZ


The Indian Thornbill is threatened by extiction.


wenty-five cents: "That’s all it takes to help save a species threatened with extinction,” says Greater Vancouver Zoo’s animal care manager Menita Prasad.

Through the Greater Vancouver Zoo’s (GVZ) Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) initiative, twenty-five cents of every general admission purchased goes towards supporting a global conservation initiative. GVZ is wrapping up its initial five-year period of contributions and is very pleased to announce that, with the help from zoo patrons, more than $226,000 has been raised.


“These funds have been distributed to three field conservation efforts working to save the critically endangered Iranian cheetah, the vulnerable yellow-naped amazon parrot, and the near threatened Indian hornbill,” says Prasad.

For the 50 Asiatic cheetahs remaining, these funds allowed Panthera to monitor populations, collect ecological data, enhance law enforcement, and mitigate conflict and other threats facing cheetahs and their prey species.

Q4C funded yellow-naped amazon parrot monitoring projects, facilitated nest protection and supported environmental education via public outreach specifically targeting anti-trafficking campaigns through ARCAS.

The Indian Hornbill Nest Adoption Program originally started with three nest protectors from three villages, but with the support from programs such as Q4C, the program has grown to sixteen nest protectors from fourteen villages. This means that a total of thirty-six hornbill nests were able to be protected and monitored through the program, which helped eighty-two hornbill chicks fledge!

“Small change can affect change. With your continued support we are excited to see how the next five years of Quarters for Conservation will impact endangered species,” says Menita Prasad.

On December 4th the GVZ celebrated World Wildlife Conservation Day.

To learn more about GVZ’s conservation efforts and upcoming events visit gvzoo.com or visit us at the zoo!

About The greater Vancouver Zoo
Since 1970, dedicated to conservation, preservation and the protection of endangered species. The Greater Vancouver Zoo is an accredited institution within Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquarium(CAZA/AZAC), a non-profit organization established to promote the welfare of animals and encourage the advancement of education, conservation an science.

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