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  Feature Story                                                                                                         Friday, December 8, 2017



The Gift of Giving Lost on Liberals and Tories

Veterans and RCMP hopes dashed to the ground as federal government election promises on super annuity flounder

By Jacques De Winter, Rockwood, Ontario


Jacques De Winter holds the Canadian base flag embroidered and stitched by Afghan women after being retired when troops pulled out of Khandahar.


An open letter to Honourable PM Justin Trudeau:


emember the promises you made in order to help you get elected? How does that make you feel now? Are you able to sleep at night, knowing that with the 'Equitas lawsuit' thrown out, the very lawsuit you brought back into court, for which you are responsible.

Again, nothing but broken promises to Canadians, and more importantly (As I'm a Peacekeeping Veteran myself), to Veterans, the very folks that keep Canada safe. Veterans have been treated disgracefully when they were made to believe that there would be real change and 'sunny ways'. I certainly hope you or anyone from the PMO had no influence on the judge's decision to throw out the Equitas lawsuit.


Truth, honour, and integrity is a rare if not totally absent commodity at Parliament Hill of late it seems.

New recruits ought to be aware that the government DOES NOT HAVE THEIR BACKS, but government officials will use every opportunity to be photographed with the troops to make themselves look good.


These same troops are tremendous Canadians who have signed a declaration to put their lives on the line if the need arises. These same troops who are not allowed to become involved in politics or to speak out against the government. They've served the length and breadth of this Country, as well as many places around the world, but the government, yes Mr. Trudeau, your government treats Veterans as a liability like insurance companies do.

Pension inequality: The New Veterans Charter (NVC), introduced by the Liberal government in 2005, and championed by the Conservative government throughout their tenure, and supported by all federal parties, replaced pensions with lump sum payments for injuries.

Canada will have completely different standards of financial compensation for pre-NVC soldiers with the same injuries arising from the same war, and that disparity among wounded Veterans of the same war is just not right! The right and proper thing to do is to award the same amounts to 'post-NVC' disabled soldiers.

The fact is that disabled soldiers are allowed 40 per cent less in benefits under the NVC, than they were previously before the NVC.

I wonder what MPs, senators and federal judges would do or say if their wages and/or benefits were reduced by 40%?

I believe that a move is afoot to bundle existing benefits (including the lump sum) with other benefits and divide this amount into monthly payments and making it look like a pension. Mr. Trudeau, you will not fool us again, and a change is coming so say 700,000 Veterans!

Scrap the New Veterans Charter, and return to the old "PENSION ACT", and treat Veterans as you promised you would.


Watch  a CBC video clip showing Trudeau's election promise to veterans here.



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