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  Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017 

Runs With Paintbrushes

Alcohol and paint classes begin in Kelowna Jan 9

By Michelle McCullough, AF



Michelle McCullough paints with alcohol to get her effects.


lcohol Ink Classes are exciting and FUN!! Alcohol Inks are for everyone, they are easy to learn and create with. All supplies are included for each class. You come and create using the vibrant flowing colours. Michelle McCullough will guide you thru step by step to achieve your special creation.


Bring a friend or family member or come on your own. No experience required.

About Michelle McCullough
Michelle's work is vibrant and full of energy. Her work has a Style all its own.

Michelle has been creating works of Art for over 30 years. She is largely self taught other than some classes in High School. Working with many different mediums over the years including oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoals and more. But

Alcohol Inks became the true love for her in the mid 2000's since that time Michelle has learned to work intimately with inks on many surfaces including tiles, glass, metal and more.

Creating Art that functions has allowed the Art to have dual purpose.

In Fall of 2016 Michelle began having Classes to share her love of the Alcohol Inks.

Big Thanks to Colin and Joanne for this opportunity.


Connect with Michelle and see more of her artwork here.


Her art's also on display at the SWAC Art Gallery and Gift Store in Westbank, BC @ 214-3645 Gosset Rd- Westbank Shopping Plaza.



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