Sunday, Dec 25, 2017 



Ethics in Politics

MacDonald: It is through sharing views that there is progress

By Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Author, Chilliwack

Open letter to Dan Coulter



ecause you have been active in the NDP Party locally I trusted you. I thought your values would be good and truly caring. That is why I have sent you copies of many e-mails, believing you would not let me down, but I had hoped you would acknowledge each e-mail.


A recent one was a petition to Premier Horgan which I hope you have also forwarded to him, and to others to do the same. It is the work of several friends of Rail for the Valley, including me. See it attached.


I have great respect for Rev. Tommy Douglas for developing Medicare and building up the rural communities in Saskatchewan with arenas for sports, high schools and many excellent rural hospitals. Family Farms and towns have since been destroyed by absentee one crop farming.

The same has been happened south of the Fraser River to my horror. This is through neglecting to develop marketing skills of farm produce, and because US and Mexican produce is sold for less than it can be produced locally. So much land is misused for commuters with large rural homes and lawns. And there is quite a lot of commercial enterprise on ALR. Cedar hedges and shrubs are grown instead of strawberries, raspberries and cherries. Only blue berries are continuing.

Chilliwack was Cherry Capital at one time. My uncle and my parents had a wonderful peach orchard on Williams street up to the high school. Rotary street did not exist. They were two kinds of the best peaches I’ve ever eaten.

At the same time the huge refrigerated trucks pollute the air, spoil scenery for tourists, cause expensive road widening and repairs as well as understaffing for escalating chronic illnesses and nursing homes.

Early in the debate about teaching children about sexual identity I wrote an article Permissive not Prejudiced that was published in The Valley Voice News. Please read it carefully now. After carefully reconsidering your views now, kindly reply to me. It is through sharing views that there is progress in ethics and politics. That is why a reply from you could be valuable.

Now I am horrified by the escalating harsh criticism in the local media of freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of choice.

There are words being put into Trustee Neufeld’s mouth and printed in the media that he did not say.

Canadians should beware of becoming polarized politically and ethically. The United States Republicans should not be our role model. They harshly oppose everything the Democrats put forward, and ruined Hillary Clinton’s reputation, although deep down their values are not as different as they think. Unkind comments make discussion impossible and cause a prolonged stalemate in governing, such as over Medicare.

It is very important for opposing sides to control their emotions and find common ground. Yes you can.

Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18.