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Toxic Wasteland?

Rezoning pushed through with no public consultation

Released by Sheila Muxlow, WWP/REVISED


he Issue: the proposed rezoning of 7582 Cannor Road to facilitate the development of a toxic waste disposal site alongside the Fraser River by Ontario-based company Aevitas Inc. 

A public hearing on to rezone the area was held at Chilliwack City Hall last night.

One week. The public was given one week to review a proposal by an Ontario-based corporation to build a toxic waste disposal site on a flood plain alongside the main arteries of our home waters - the Fraser River and the Vedder Canal.

What are our assurances that this new waste site will not leech PCBs, mercury and other toxic chemicals into the surrounding lands and water, contaminating not only our community but also the fish who swim upstream every year?

Tourism, recreation and sport-fishing bring millions of dollars into our local economy each year.  Economic activity that is based on our natural water wealth.

Aevitas Inc. does not have a local attachment to our home waters. Are we expected to just put our faith in a toxic waste dump being operated from Ontario?

The burden of proof should be on them and they must show zero risk of contaminating our groundwater or leaking toxic waste into our waterways. We cannot afford anything less.

The Mayor and City Councillors not only have a connection, they have a responsibility to preserve the wealth we have in our community. We canít on the one hand promote our city as a jewel of British Columbia that is blessed by bountiful rivers, lakes and streams flowing through the region, and on the other, permit toxic waste sites to locate this close to our precious freshwater systems without adequate public dialogue.

With a municipal election on the horizon, one would think our municipal decision-makers would be more in tune with ensuring the best interests of the people who live here.Ē

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I would like to issue a statement of correction regarding my comment below.
Although the public notices were put out in the local papers one week in
advance of the hearing, signs were put up at the site on November 19th, so
arguably the public could have been allowed approximately 3 weeks to
provide input if they drove by and saw the signs.

I apologize for any inconvenience or misinformation from my message. I
continue to stand by my concerns and the questions about the over all


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