Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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Righteous Ricky's

Local restaurant supports sustainable seafood on menu

Submitted by Eddie Gardner, Farmed Salmon Boycott, Chilliwack


Eddie Gardner (L) and supporters congratulate Ricky's Restaurant manager in Chilliwack last week for keeping farmed salmon off the menu.


hilliwack Atlantic Farmed Salmon Boycott Chapter members and supporters were at Ricky's Restaurant on Luckakuck Way to enjoy a feast of wild salmon!


Other Boycott chapters are encouraged to go a Ricky's Restaurant in their location to join us in congratulating Ricky's 70 Restaurant Group's  long-standing seafood policy that excludes net-pen farmed salmon from their menu.


The owners have known the issues related to net-pen farmed salmon, and have taken the ethical decision to choose "Wild Salmon" over Atlantic farmed salmon to put on their menus. Let's support and encourage this restaurant chain as an excellent role model to be followed by other restaurant chains.


Ricky's is in great company with White Spot, Bravo Restaurant and Lounge, Jackson's Steak and Grill and the District Pub in downtown Chilliwack. There are other restaurants across BC, including some sushi restaurants, that enjoy a thriving business and choose to totally AVOID net-pen farmed salmon.


The good news is spreading and the restaurant industry will come to know and appreciate that it makes good business sense to leave out net-pen farmed salmon for both human health and environmental reasons. Very importantly, this contributes to protecting wild salmon and all this magnificent gift to BC supports, including the lucrative sports fishing and ecotourism industries.


Fraser River and coastal First Nations have depended upon wild salmon as a staple food since time immemorial. First Nations along the river appreciate all efforts to protect wild salmon from the negative impact of open net-pen fish farms as they are sited along Fraser River sockeye migration routes, and they need to be removed at the earliest possibility.

Ricky's Restaurant group supports the wild salmon industry by serving up delicious wild salmon taste sensations including:

Salmon and Pasta (wild salmon cooked to perfection - blackened or baked with lemon her butter sauce; with fettuccine and you choice of marina, pesto or alfredo sauce, served with Piccolo Garlic Bread!)

Cedar Plank Teriyaki Salmon! Wild Salmon baked on a cedar plank, basted with teriyaki sauce and garnished with green onions and sesame seeds, served with seasonal vegetables and chef's rice!

Fish & Chips - two juicy pieces of wild salmon served traditional with tartar sauce, fries and crisp, cold coleslaw!

Let's have a good showing tomorrow as this is really something to celebrate! A heads up have been given to the Ricky's Restaurant in Chilliwack and we will do a photo op to help promote and support Ricky's All Day Grill restaurants all across BC and the rest of Canada where they are located!

Please contact: and pass on your congratulations, support and encouragement for their sustainable seafood policy. Let them know you are happy this restaurant is a safe place to consume seafood, especially wild salmon!



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