Thursday, December 5, 2013


Toxic Democracy

City Hall faces questions after rubber-stamping chemical dump rezoning

Submitted by Ann Muehlebach, Chwk


he manner in which the application to locate a hazardous waste remediation facility, alongside the Fraser and near the Vedder Canal by Aevitas, was rushed through at City Hall defies all rules of due process. 


In effect, the public has been blind-sided on this one because surely there is a need for some kind of public consultation to find out whether or not the citizens of Chilliwack want to accept this type of operation in their immediate environment.


For this reason, I am hoping to get some questions answered at this stage because there is much value in having an informed opinion:

1) Why is this location near a major river;

2) Where will the hazardous waste materials be coming from;

3) How will the loads be transported;

4)Why will 'un-remediated' PCBs be incinerated, and where; (see the Aevitas website);

5) How much river water is needed for this operation and what will happen to this water afterwards;

6) How much waste will be imported from South of the border;

7) When will a full environmental review/assessment impact study be done, and by which jurisdiction? 

It is unfortunate that the citizens of Chilliwack have been kept out of the loop of the decision-making process and that single councillors have spoken only on their own behalf.  


I suspect that this was done intentionally—short notice, not well advertised, and at that time of year with people's lives busy with pre-Christmas activities—to fast track a proposal which will no doubt meet with much opposition.  Democracy at its worst.  Chilliwack belongs to us—the people—not just City Hall.




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