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A Century of Service

Princess Armouries turns 100 in style

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Cadets from the 147 Airwolf Squadron stand at attention during a commemorative ceremony at the Princess Armouries last Tuesday. Below, a cadet and the squadron mascot Bruno the St. Bernard.


adets smiled and laughed as they poured out of the second floor and thumped down the old gray wooden stairs inside the Princess Armouries, eager to fall into line and demonstrate their practiced marching routine. It was their night to shine.


On Tuesday evening, a ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Princess Armouries was led the by cadets from the 147 Airwolf Squadron who currently use the building as their operations base.


They love their Amouries and they want to preserve the building which has firmly etched itself into Chilliwack's history.


Royal Westminster Regiment Captain Chuck Mackinnon, author Janet Crawford, City Councillor Jason Lum and Steve Hill from the Chilliwack Amateur Radio Club were among several who spoke to about 25-30 people gathered for the formalities including WWII Veteran Ivan Bjerke.


Squadron Commander Capt. Ted Bowman was at the last City council meeting where he asked for permission to take Chilliwack's Greenheart flag on parade.


"The City graciously allowed us a their last council meeting for the squadron to carry the flag," Bowman told guests prior the ceremony.


The building originally housed the 104th Regiment Westminster Fusiliers of Canada, later renamed the Royal Westminster Regiment.


One of the projects the 147th Airwolf Squadron is working on is a new sign describing the history of the building.


Bowman talked about the squadron's new sign which will explain some of the building's history and why it was built, and its significance in the community. It will also acknowledge that it was home to the 104th and now home to the 147th Squadron.


"We have kind of a draft version of the sign and I'd like to take time to acknowledge Mrs. Macaulay's work on the committee and all the things that they do," said Bowman.



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