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Fighting for Community

Siraj and Littlechild pick up Warpath VIII title belts

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Warpath MMA featherweight fighter, Morgan Mad-Dog Littlechild, won the title belt at Squiala Hall on Saturday against opponent, Ty Daggis of Canada Best Karate, in Victoria, BC. Below, Jamie Siraj meets his opponent.


fighter moves in on the dancing monolith in front of him. Suddenly, he unleashes a lightning quick kick that hits the button on his opponent’s jaw, who then crashes hard to the mat  and stays there.


The crowd goes silent. The ref stops the fight. A medic jumps into the ring.


The fighter lays there in a haze unmoving for a minute then gets up and shakes it off to a full round of applause. The combatants touch gloves and hug each other.


Just because these guys knock each other senseless in the ring doesn't mean they aren't good friends before and after a fight.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Chilliwack is a close-knit group of athletes who live, work and fight in the Upper Fraser Valley.


They train and spar together, and share in a brotherhood that few can say they’ve been a part of. When one fighter leaves, there's a huge void in the group.


Such is the case with local athlete Jamie Siraj who is set to leave for Montreal.


Warpath MMA is promoted by Francine and Darwin Douglas. She and her husband own Four Directions Martial Arts in Chilliwack. He fights in the Battlefield Fight League (BFL) in Vancouver.


She took a moment to speak with The Voice at ringside before the matches began, about Jamie Siraj who was pitted against TJ Woodman from the Yukon Territories for the Bantam Weight Title.


Douglas says Siraj fought the No. 1 ranked BC Bantam Weight fighter in a BFL matchup a couple of weeks and won, in what he describes as the toughest fight of his career.


“It was full-on war,” she said of the fight. ”It was back and forth.”


It went to a decision and the judges were unanimous in awarding the belt to Siraj.


These guys are tenacious. They fall down seven times, but get up eight. She says Siraj’s successes are likely due to his vigorous training regime and drive.


“Jamie is such a dedicated fighter. He's in the gym 2-3 hours a day giving his whole heart. I really believe it's because of his dedication and his commitment to the sport that he won.”


According to Douglas, Siraj has had a very busy year.


"I think he had 6 or 8 fights this past year, which is a lot for a fighter. He's just a young guy," says Douglas. "So, tonight we're giving him a shot for the Bantam Weight title fight."


Prior to the BFL title fight, Siraj’s coaches flew him to Montreal for training under Kajan "Ragin" Johnson and with George St. Pierre, the famed Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) legend.


By moving to Montreal to train at the famed Tri-Star gym, Douglas says Siraj will be able to further his ambitions in the UFC.


“We really don't feel like we're losing him,” she says. “We've given him as much as we can here in Chilliwack, but by right, he should be going to where he's surrounded by other UFC fighters, and by the people who are in the sport. The best of the best are there."


"The world of MMA is so small. The sport is growing and as Chilliwack accepts MMA and the provincial sport organization for it that MMABC has created, it'll only get better for us here.”


For more information on upcoming Warpath MMA fights, visit www.warpathmma.com


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