Friday, December 28, 2012




She's Her Own Best Doc

Pregnant woman having second thoughts about delivering at CGH 

Submitted by Jessika Prudhomme, Chilliwack


was taken to hospital to check the baby after my MVA last week. As you are aware I am pregnant.


While there, they failed to tell the X-ray technician that I was pregnant. Luckily, I mentioned I am 11 weeks pregnant and have had a threatened miscarriage (someone failed to write it on my report I was pregnant.)


The doctor at emergency prescribed me Tylenol 3s with codeine which I asked if their was something else that has been proven not to hurt the baby to make sure I don't have anymore complications?


He said no.


When I went to the pharmacy the pharmacist told me when I asked if it was safe that she didn't believe it was safe when she looked it up in the medical book she had behind the counter she read out to me that codeine is not proven to be safe for pregnancy for the first trimester.


I was shocked the doctor gave me something that could possibly hurt the baby I'd rather bare the pain then hurt my baby. I asked the pharmacist if their was something that is proven not to hurt the baby she told me regular Tylenol.

Why wouldn't the doctor have told me this in the first place when I asked?

I don't know how I feel about having my child at this hospital after this experience. I ask myself now did the Dr even look into my file did he really care about my wellbeing or my baby's well being?



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