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Pint-sized hero proves big things come in small packages

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Evan Rapp and his sister leave Chilliwack City Hall council chambers on Tuesday with his newly-minted certificate of recognition in-hand. Below, Mayor Sharon Gaetz congratulates the young Raap.


van Raap, 7, got some early Christmas bling courtesy of Chilliwack City Hall last Tuesday at the regular scheduled evening council meeting.


The young Raap is what you might call a "pint-sized hero" and he earned that moniker when his grandfather, George Raap, experienced a medical emergency while in the car on the road and managed to stop it before passing out.


Other kids may have panicked and ran looking for help when facing a similar situation. But not the young Raap. That's when the lucid lad sprang into action, remembereing some of the lessons his parents taught him, and quickly dialed 9-1-1 on his grandfather's cel phone. Then he gave clear directions where they were located.


So for that, Mayor Sharon Gaetz heralded the youngster a civic hero and awarded him a certificate of recognition, a city crest and a flashlight to help super hero kid see at night in case he hasn't been eating his carrots.


"Your mom and dad and grandma and everybody around you just thinks you're pretty special, so does city council. All the council members that are around this table wanted me to take some time and say thank you," Gaetz said.


"We're really glad that your grandpa is here and that he's doing okay. It could have been a very different story and because of you, your whole family will be together Christmastime and I think that's pretty special."


Alls well that ends well.



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