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Ornamental Awareness

Meadow Rose charity Christmas bulbs on sale

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MLA Gwen O'Mahony (R) and Tina Kalnow with her baby Sara Thursday. Kalnow brings in donations from her couponing group and also helps MHR clients learn how to coupon and save money.


LA Gwen O'Mahony believes in community so much, she'll even get sticky hands to prove it.


On Thursday, Meadow Rose board members and supporters got together at O’Mahony’s office on Young Rd. with hearts in hand to create Christmas tree ornaments which are being offered to the public for $2 each until Christmas Eve.


The money will be used to buy baby supplies for their “Baby Box Stations” located in Chilliwack and Hope.


This Christmas, Meadow Rose Outreach Society is partnering with the Community Office of Gwen O’Mahony to raise regional consciousness about its work with young families around the Upper Fraser Valley.


O’Mahony says her mission statement is “Your Community Office — Support, Advocate and Empower”.


“These are the three main missions that we'd like to accomplish here and it's all about networking with other community members,” she said.


O’Mahony first became aware of Meadow Rose Society shortly after she was elected MLA, and thought the work they were doing was “really wonderful.”


“When it came time to have our Open House for Christmas, we had already established our relationship with Meadow Rose and thought it's be nice to incorporate one of our non-profit charities in the community, and with one that's just getting established would be better yet,” O’Mahony said.


Kathereen Kessler,  Meadow Rose executive director and founder, along with board members, have been working at getting charitable status for the agency.


Kessler said they have had letters of support from Mayor Sharon Gaetz and MP Mark Strahl.


"Mark Strahl actually called the CRA about our charity number to see what's going on with it, the status of it."


Every now and then Meadow Rose holds hot dog fundraisers and PriceSmart Foods gives them a whopping 40 per cent discount on their purchases.


"They supply a huge barbecue and everything that we need to have it," Kessler said.


“I've met a lot of the volunteers at a hot dog fundraiser and I know we've got a group of people that are fun-loving honestly and don't mind rolling up their sleeves and getting down to work,” O’Mahony said.


Kessler says the Society wants to reach out into the rural communities.


"We've already expanded to Hope and have one supply box there," she said.


The supply boxes contain formula, diapers or anything a person needs to have a baby.


“We get calls from community services and there are a couple of social workers that have called Meadow Rose for some young families that needed help.”


Nives Lancaster helps out with the baby station in the Hope area.


“For now it's just for when community services calls or a social worker calls with somebody needing some help then Nives will help them,” Kessler said.


People who’d like to offer their support are encouraged to drop in to O'Mahony's office at 101A – 8615 Young Road any time during regular office hours until Christmas Eve, or they can wait until the Open House on Wednesday December 19 from 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. and purchase an ornament then.


The Meadow Rose Outreach Society:  Growing Healthy Babies for a Health Future.

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