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No Holiday for Need

Meadow Rose looking for year-round 'givers' and bulb makers Dec 6

Submitted by Kathereen Kessler, MRS


very year, the Christmas Season ignites in us the urge to give to those less fortunate. 


Says Kathereen Kessler, Executive Director of The Meadow Rose Society, “Need doesn’t take a holiday.  Nor does it sleep for eleven months.  In our community, there are so many families with young children who need our support throughout the year.  It is Meadow Rose’s dream that the Spirit of Christmas live in us and work in our community all year long, toward ensuring the wellbeing of vulnerable children under three.”


In anticipation of its plan to extend its reach into remote rural communities, Meadow Rose is now lining up ‘givers’, who will maintain supply stations for those in need in their area. 


Kathereen says it’s not very difficult to find volunteers willing to perform the service of maintaining needed baby care supplies in remote communities, because “everyone wants to give and to have the wonderful feeling of helping another person”. 


At Christmas, we all contemplate what a New Year will bring and Meadow Rose is no exception. Kathereen’s vision of the future is one in which “Meadow Rose ‘givers’ are situated all over the rural areas of BC”.  Now that the wheels are in motion toward the Society obtaining full status as a charity with the CRA, this vision stands to become a reality.




This Christmas, Meadow Rose Outreach Society is partnering with the Community Office of Gwen O’Mahony to raise regional consciousness about its work. 


On Thursday, December 06 at around 1:30 P.M., staff and volunteers of the Society will be assembling Christmas ornaments with Gwen and her staff.  These will be made available for purchase, for a minimum donation of $2 each. 


We hope you’ll drop by the office at Suite 101A – 8615 Young Road sometime during the Season to purchase an ornament in support of the Society and hang it on the Community Office’s twin trees.  As you do, we further hope that you will keep the Spirit of the Season alive in your hearts for the coming year, remembering the babies of our community and the hope they represent for the future.

The Meadow Rose Outreach Society:  Growing Healthy Babies for a Health Future.

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Photo: Kathereen Kessler and Tracey Collisson, Meadow Rose Society.

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