Thursday, December 6, 2012


BC Politics

Dix Under Fire on Pipeline

Liberals say NDP leader waffling on Kinder Morgan twinning

Released by Ben James, BC LIberal Caucus/Voice Dix file photo


nvironment Minister Terry Lake is challenging BC NDP leader Adrian Dix to come clean on his party’s position regarding Kinder Morgan’s proposal to transport heavy oil.

“British Columbians deserve to know if the NDP has a consistent policy on the transportation of heavy oil projects through our province,” says Lake. “Dix is against a pipeline in northern B.C. but can’t take position on one in southern B.C.? It just doesn’t add up.”

The opposition leader needs to stop dodging the issue and needs to answer the following questions;

· The concerns you raised for Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline (NGP) are also applicable to Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMP). Both pipelines will carry heavy oil across numerous streams and through First Nations communities to the coast. Once the heavy oil reaches the coast it will then be transported by tankers to international markets. Yet you have refused to state what your position is regarding the Kinder Morgan. How then is the TMP different than the NGP?

· Your decision to oppose the NGP was made during the Joint Review Panel’s before all the evidence was submitted. Yet you have decided to wait to take a position on the TMP even though its route and its purpose are well known. What then is the difference between the TMP and NGP that is making you wait to take a position on the Kinder Morgan project?

· You have stated that if elected the TMP will subject to a separate provincial review process. How will the provincial review process work and if it approves the TMP will your government support the pipeline?

Unlike Adrian Dix, the BC Liberal government has clearly laid out five minimum requirements that must be met before British Columbia will consider supporting heavy oil pipelines that apply to all heavy oil projects in the province.

“We believe in taking positions based on information and we respect the Environmental Assessment process where as the NDP pick winners and losers without due process,” added Lake.


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