Friday, December 13, 2012


Crime News

For the Price of a Hoodie

Cottonwood Mall shoplifter arrested hours after merchandise taken

Staff/Voice photos


Good police work led to the arrest of a shoplifting suspect on Wednesday.


ometime on Wednesday, a man went into the Express Apparel store at Cottonwood Mall and apparently took a hoodie without paying then left in a hurry.

RCMP reviewed surveillance video and identified a male previously known to them.

Later, at around 3 P.M., a very alert officer on patrol spotted the suspect near Fletcher Ave. and Princess. It's not clear if the suspect was wearing the hoodie at the time, which was identified by a special design, but he had it with him.

Witnesses said the suspect didn't want to cooperate with the officer and was yelling and putting up a fuss. It didn't last long, because in about a minute, the pugnacious thief was surrounded by additional officers who affected the arrest without further incident.


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