Thursday, December 6, 2012


Christmas News

Christmas in a Can  

Bernard Elementary students pitch-in to help the Chilliwack Food Bank

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Students stack food donations under the tree in lobby of Bernard Elementary School.


s in previous years, this holiday season, students at Bernard Elementary School are learning about the spirit of giving with a food drive.

On Monday, students set up a Christmas tree in the lobby and began bringing in food items to put under it.

David Wellingham, Vice-Principal, told The Voice Wednesday they try to help with similar food-raising events all year round and so far a couple of hundred items brought in.

"Every month we have what we call 'Bronco Day' where the kids wear red and black, which are our school colours, and students bring a canned item on that day," explained Wellingham. "We also have things like 'Hat Day' and 'Pajama Day', just a number of event days throughout the year."

Pictures of thermometers showing the number of items each class has collected are posted in the hallways so students can follow each other.


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