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Hops Hopes for Help

CCAC needs elementary school choir teachers

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ernie Hops is on a mission. He wants to get all of Chilliwack's elementary schools singing.


Hops, who is board chair of the Chilliwack Community Arts Council, told The Voice in a phone interview this week that he has schools in need, but they haven't got enough volunteers.


"There are 13 schools who want us," Hops said. I need as many volunteers as possible because we need spares in case someone is sick or cant make it.


Once a week, volunteers teach students from grades 1-6, usually in groups of around 60, to sing songs from a list of about 200 with the help of overhead projectors.


Ideal candidates are those with some kind of a musical background.


I can use piano players, or guitarists to sing popular old songs like Coming around the Mountain, Take Me Out to the Ball Game and Frere Jacque, said Hops.


Hops, who teaches choir at Bernard Elementary, said he started this project with the schools about 7-years ago as president of the Barbershop Chorus with the Chilliwack Harmony Chorus.


Those interested in volunteering can contact Bernie via e-mail here.


For information about the Chilliwack Community Arts Council, visit



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