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Banking on Bursaries

BC Housing education grants available

Released by Monika Weatherly, BC Gov't Caucus


heorghe Bivol, a Chilliwack resident, is a recipient of a BC Housing education bursary that will help him achieve his educational goal toward a new career as a practical nurse.


Bivol, a 48-year-old father will be using the $750 bursary toward his tuition for the practical nurse program at Vancouver Career College.


"I never imagined that I would start a new career to become a nurse at the age of 48. What made me decide to become a nurse was watching my daughter overcome leukemia and seeing the nurses and doctors taking such great care of her. This award will help toward my tuition and I would like to thank the government of B.C. for having an education awards program for people living in subsidized housing," Bivol said in a release Wednesday.

Anyone in British Columbia who is living in subsidized housing, or receiving rent subsidy through BC Housing's Rental Assistance Program, is eligible to apply for one of the 83 bursaries and awards. The funds can be put toward tuition or other educational expenses such as books or supplies.


"It is never too late to return to school and gain new educational achievements. I would like to recognize Gheorghe Bivol for having the motivation to take steps to a new career and choosing to become a nurse, which is one of the most honourable careers to pursue," John Les, MLA for Chilliwack.

BC Housing launches the Education Awards Program in January of each year.

Quick Facts

o Applicants submitted a personal statement describing their educational and personal goals, and challenges they have overcome, as well as letters of reference and academic transcripts.

o The BC Housing Education Awards Program offers five types of awards and bursaries:

o BC Housing Bursary - 57 bursaries, worth $750 each to support youth or adults between 17 and 64 to pursue adult basic education, vocational education or post-secondary education on a full- or part-time basis.

o BC Housing Award for Full-Time Studies - 10 awards, worth $1,000 each, to support youth or adults between 17 and 64 pursuing post-secondary or vocational education on a full-time basis.

o Margaret Mitchell Outstanding Achievement Award - Margaret Mitchell was a dedicated housing advocate and helped develop BC Housing's Education Awards Program. This $750 award recognizes a youth graduating from Grade 12 with proficiency in academics, sports, the arts or community involvement for educational or vocational training on a full-time basis.

o Minerva Foundation Award for BC Women - Five $1,000 awards to help Aboriginal women pursue full-time, post-secondary education. This award is designed to help single mothers advance their education, assist women with children fleeing abusive relationships, retrain mature women returning to the workforce, advance women in non-traditional fields of study, or support women with disabilities to overcome educational barriers.

o The Kinloch Education Award for women - 10 awards at $1,000 each are awarded to women who may have overcome significant barriers in their lives that hindered their educational opportunities and who are now pursuing post-secondary education on a full- or part-time basis.

o Since 2001, the B.C. government has invested $3.2 billion to provide affordable housing for low income individuals, seniors and families. This year, more than 97,000 B.C. households will benefit from provincial social housing programs and services.

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