Sunday December 4, 2011

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Fight Not Flight

Rookie MMA combatants crowd pleasers Friday

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n Friday, Chilliwack hosted the toughest, meanest, most ferocious people from all parts of BC. We’re talking about the crowd.


The people funneled in, the fighters warmed up and the card girls posed for cameras at the MMA Warpath III Martial Arts


You might not like Mixed Martial Arts ring fighting and you may think it’s brutal, but try telling that to the young men and women who work and train hard for it.


Rather than street fighting, these guys take it to the gym and unloose their energy on bags and then later each other.


It’s wrestling, kicking and punching. Unlike boxing, where the focus is to batter the other opponent’s head, in MMA the entire body is involved. Few actual punches were thrown and most of the time fighters went to the mats and rolled around trying to gain some leverage on opponents and get the other into a choke-hold and force a submission where the fighter “taps out.”


For those who were in the ring Friday, it really was a war. It was about establishing themselves in the circuit and earning a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Some were successful and others not so much.


There were a couple of bloody noses but other than that no serious injuries. Some fighters lasted one round some went three but every combatant got his money’s worth.


Promoters mentioned that there were a couple of people in the building who didn’t like MMA and were told by the emcee to “leave us alone”. The emcee also warned the audience that fighting wouldn’t be tolerated, but to no avail, two separate incidents did happen.


The event was organised by three local Chilliwack families whose vision is to promote martial arts and also to support local amateur athletes looking to get their careers off the ground.


The results of the bouts are as follows:


Title fight was Deluerme over Woodman in 4 rounds.

Rogers over McCumber in the first round.

McCann over Allard in the first round.

Heibert (Chilliwack) over Corkery in the third round by unanimous decision.

Higginbottom over Schultz in the first round.

Sohota over Gaipo in the second round.

Hayer over Berger in the second round by submission.

Gill over Johnson in the second round.

Spinu (Chilliwack) over Padda in the second round by submission.

Wolkosky (Chilliwack) over Brynolfson in the first round.



WarPath MMA is regulated by Mixed Martial Arts British Columbia (MMABC), the regulating body for all amateur fight events in BC. WarPath MMA is an all-ages event. 


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