Tuesday December 6, 2011

Veterans News

"Bottleneck" At Top Level

Local vet reacts to Veteran's Affairs announcement of staffing cutbacks

Submitted by Ret. Officer Claude LaTulippe


he organization (Veterans Affairs Canada) which veterans have blamed over the last 6-7 years for not doing their job is now using veterans to keep their job. This blows my mind.


Undoubtedly, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) needs revamping. A cutback of 500 positions won't make any difference in the level of service/support currently being received, the support was already questionable. What needs to change is VAC insurance policy mindset and implement at the managerial level an understanding of veterans' needs.

It has been determined ever since veterans have been protesting the treatment they were getting from VAC, that the bottleneck in rendering services to veterans is located at the top managerial level. It has the same attitude as our government - we love you but know your place.

Of course, management is not protected by a union but holds authority and power within its ranks. So guess what....its effort over the near future will be to concentrate on preserving their jobs, devise a nice plan to cutback 500 positions over the next 5 years, and generate for themselves a bonus for doing just that. Tsk, tsk... forget the veterans once again.




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