Thursday December 15, 2011

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Food Floods Back

St. Mary's School dries out and food hampers being restocked

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St Mary's school was filled with water restoration equipment on Wednesday.


t couldn't have happened at a worse time. When a broken toilet flooded the the gym at the St Mary's complex on School Street last Thursday, it almost washed away the hopes of about 80 families who were to receive food the hampers that were stored there.

Cans and whatever that could be saved was stacked up on tables in the gym, but all the rest was rendered useless.

The mishap shut the gym down completely and caused the preschool to be closed as crews worked throughout the day again on Wednesday trying to dry it out.

Melinda Hurley took a moment to talk with the Voice and said her understanding of what happened was that the preschool toilet at the top of the gym was leaking throughout the night.

"I think it exploded even, but it was all clean water, and it flooded all down into the stage area onto the gifts and the food.

Church priests, Father Nelson and Bryan addressed parishioners last Sunday, and when word of the mishap began to circulate, the community responded in a big way.

"People just started taking money out of their pockets, handing it over, and rallying round," said Hurley."

Hurley said teacher Peter Short puts together the hampers every year working from a list of parishioners who need it.

"He's amazing and has been doing it for so many years and works so hard just setting up all the hampers."

If you have cash, food, clothing or toys to donate it can be dropped off at the church at 8909 Mary Street around back of the parking lot in past the store and to the left are the office doors.


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