Wednesday December 28, 2011

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Three Rescued Atop Submerged Truck

Emergency personnel tackle tricky nighttime situation



An overview of the area where the truck became submerged near Jesperson boat launch early Wednesday evening.


mergency services scrambled Wednesday night at approximately 7:20 P.M. when a call came in to 9-1-1 that three people were stranded on the roof of a Toyota jeep floating in the Fraser River near Jesperson boat launch.


The Chilliwack Fire Department, Search and Rescue (SAR) responded in full force, as did the RCMP, who were the first on the scene. The officer couldn’t cross the channel without a truck, so he was assisted by a neighbour with a 4x4, who knew the area.


They were able to locate the submerged vehicle with three people on the roof within 10 minutes on a side channel drifting about 30-40 feet from the shore.


The Voice was at CGH Wednesday evening for additional coverage on this story, but there was no sign of the three rescued from the Fraser River.


When the SAR jet boat tried to approach the channel where the truck was, it got hung up on a gravel bar, so an SAR 4x4 was brought in with equipment. Rescuers quickly suited up and used a raft to affect the rescue and they were taken back to the shore.


An ambulance was waiting for them at the boat launch to treat them for possible hypothermia.



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