Monday December 5, 2011

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Crime Hot Spots

Chilliwack RCMP identify the areas thieves are targeting the most

Released by Cst Tracy Wolbeck


n September 2010, the Upper Fraser Valley RCMP adopted a COMPSTAT policing model. The purpose of the "comparative statistics" model or COMPSTAT, is to provide intelligence-led policing by identifying crime series and crime hotspots in specific geographic areas.


This analysis is prepared by an RCMP Criminal Analyst once a month who then presents her findings to the Senior Management Team. From there, crime "hot-spots" are selected and police resources are deployed to these areas in an effort to reduce crime. The use of COMPSTAT in a policing model began in New York City in 1994 and the city experienced significant reductions in crime. Many police agencies have since adopted similar models in the Lower Mainland, with a focus predominantly on tactical operations.

The Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment Superintendent has been pleased with the success of the model. "The model has been very effective since it's inception," said Superintendent Keith Robinson. "It's an intelligence led policing model that provides our police managers a gauge of whether we are winning or losing in our effort to be pro-active with crime reduction in the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment area."

The most recent crime hot-spots have been identified as follows:

Exhibition Park area- There has been a concentration of property crime around the area of Spadina Avenue, Corbould Street and Hodgins Avenue. The crime-type observed has been one vehicle theft and four thefts from motor vehicles.

Yale Road/ Williams Road- There has been a concentration of property crime off Gore Avenue up to Bole Avenue between Nowell Street and Charles Street. In a 14 day period, there were 10 property crime related offences in this area.

Wells Road area- A concentration of property crime was identified off Vedder Road from Britton Avenue up to Knight Road. The crime-type in this area has been one business break and enter, one residential break and enter, and two thefts from a motor vehicle.

Although not currently considered a hot-spot area, the Greendale area around Yale Road, Chadsey Road, South Sumas Road, and Prairie Central Road has seen an increase in property crime since July 2011. The property crime type noted in this area include residential break and enters, thefts from motor vehicles as well as auto theft.

The Upper Fraser Valley media relations unit will be sending out monthly hot-spot reports as new areas of concern are identified.


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